Update: July 2013

The Long Island Boardgaming Organization (LIBO) is a personal gaming group, founded in September 2003. Membership is restricted and by invitation only. If you are interested in joining LIBO, email Chris.  In spite of its seemingly organized, competitive status, it is still a casual gaming group, with emphasis on fun, social camaraderie. The group has gone through several changes.

There are no dues for the club.

All months will have at least one full day GameDay (normal times are approximately 10:30am - 1:00am, on a Saturday), which will feature a 'theme' (either based on game theme or mechanics). There is also one Friday GameNite per month and several 'impromptu' events throughout the month.

There have been a number of changes to "policies" in the organization (and the website is in a state of flux). At this point, the group is still vibrant and meeting. However, the website has been stripped down to only two sections: the message board (which is still incredibly active) and the online magazine archive. The message board is closed, but again -- after emailing Chris -- you can be added. All discussion about the group takes place on the message board.

A new website *is* coming; probably early 2014.

Community Message Board
LIBO's (defunct) online magazine